Chapter Books For Young Readers

Chapter Books by M.E. Heller

   “What is a Chapter Book?” the child would ask. “A Chapter Book is a treasure chest of stories,” I would answer. “Chapters are like segments of an orange or beads of a necklace. They tie something together.  Sometimes, when you are tucked in ready to go asleep, one chapter is quite enough, but if you are not sleepy you must keep on reading to find out what happens next in the story.  The Chapter Book is the perfect bedtime story! We have written three of them.  They are about  the Brownies, those mythical little gnomes who are said to clean your house while you are sleeping.  Palmer Cox,  Cartoonist,  illustrator, and writer for children made them famous more than 100 years ago.

What is a Brownie?” the child would ask. “The Brownie is a kind of gnome” I would answer. “He lives in a world invisible to most humans, although some few do claim to have seen one out of the corner of their eye. A brownie is most helpful says the myth, never cruel or stupid like the goblin.”

The child wanted more so we closed our eyes, spread the wings of our imagination. Then, here and there and everywhere, in caves and tunnels, in fields of flowers, in underwater palaces, in fiery planets, in lairs piled high with treasure, we found them all; brownies, fairies, elves and goblins, dragons and wizards, and even a salamander prince.

 A child’s review of The Return of the Brownies