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The Gate Between The Worlds

We are proud to announce the recent publication in paperback of  Sparkalot & The Red Stone, Book III of The Gate Between the Worlds, by M.E. Heller.  Featuring the two young boys, Skylar and Jeff, along with the brownies and various other elemental beings, eager young readers will love this new modern fairy tale.  Followers of the trilogy are thrilled! We hear they have been nearly dying of suspense.

   Book III Sparkalot & The Red Stone, by M.E. Heller. The Brownies find a mysterious red stone in their cave. Left there by a pair of rascally goblins who have stolen it from a dragon’s treasure trove, it is lying in a puddle of blue paint. Chased by the brownies, the goblins carry it to Earth, to pappy’s place on the Green Mountain and, later, Skylar and friend Jeff find it there, hidden under the ashes of a dying fire. There is something  inside the bright red stone. It is a salamander prince, Sparkalot, who has traveled in a the stone from the World of Fire. He has come to see the World of Earth and, in turn, make all sorts of mischief. It is up to the boys, the brownies, and all their friends to send the misbehaving salamander back to his home in the World of Fire.


Book II  Who Killed The Flowers by M.E. Heller. Fairyland has changed! Fairies, elves, wizards, dragons, and gnomes have begun to take on very human characteristics, sometimes forgetting how to perform the simplest magical operation. At the age of 2,000 years, a fairy godmother has retired from her godmothering and taken to her bed. An inventive wizard travels around in a flying saucer and plows through the Great Sea in a submarine. Fairies and elves assume different human lifestyles, like a whacky  version of Downton Abbey. An underwater creature, Slimebottom, has threatened to kill all the flowers on Earth and all the other worlds. It is up to the boys, the brownies and their various elemental cohorts to defeat this horrible undersea monster.

Book I The Return of the Brownies, by M.E. Heller.   Brownies, aside from cameras, cookies, Girl Scouts and “points” (an award for doing something special), are actually part of the gnome family, as are goblins and a few other species that haven’t yet been imagined. The Brownie, designated  “earth elemental” by Paracelsus, a 17th Century German doctor, was said to abide in hollow tree trunks, beneath forest leaf and brush and, sometimes, in your house. Perhaps real brownies lived with 19th Century writer/illustrator Palmer Cox in the towered Quebec manor house  he called “Brownie Castle.” It was Palmer Cox who made the Brownie famous. Perhaps he saw their tiny shadows, heard their soft footsteps or, out of the corner of his eye, watched them dart across the room. We imagined that he did. and what if, after more than an hundred years, they returned to  Brownie Castle?  Such is the setting of  The Return of the Brownies. a modern fairy tale wherein an immensely curious nine year old blessed with second sight is called upon to help defeat an evil stuffed toy which has proliferated the toy market and threatened to close the Gate Between the worlds.

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