Brownie Game

Palmer Cox, the creator of the Brownie character famous at the turn of the Century, first drew brownies on the uprights of barns in Montreal Canada.  Like Walt Disney, he moved to America as a newspaper cartoonist and became famous for his character. Sometime after his fame had spread widely, he built a manor house after the look of a Scottish castle, with a Brownie Weather Vane and a Brownie stained glass window.  It still stands in Granby, Quebec. Imagine being invited there, as were many children of his time. You might be invited to climb the tower stairs to the artist’s studio, the room  he called “Brownieland.” There you might see his drawing table and desk, table and lamp, boxes of brownie products and a high round window through which to view the garden. Look around the room to see where the brownies are hidden. A bell will ring when you have found all ten. Check the credits at the end of the show and play it again! Good Luck!